Hospitality Project Consultancies

These days the hospitality industry is facing huge challenges at different levels. Some of the greatest hurdles are marketing expertise and sales boosting. Research shows that our country needs Rs 60,000 crore investment in the hospitality business in the next 5 years. Also, they claim that the demand for hotel rooms ranging from budget segment to the luxury hotels has been increased to 150,000 rooms. Today, in India, the hotel room inventory is meager in comparison to the potential of India. India is emerging as one of the fastest-growing nations for leisure as well as corporate travel. So it's the right time to invest in the hotel industry or reach out to some renowned hotel brands for tie-ups as well as hotel branding.

Vivo hotels deal in Investment Advisory, Hotel Brand Tie-ups, Real Estate Hotel Consultancy as well as in Retail Leasing. Keeping in mind about the growth of this industry, we have broadened up our market as well. We have got a high success ratio by working with international hotels. Vivo hotels is an independent hotel firm that works very hard to be the best with every transaction that we mature. We at Vivo hotels believe in assisting our clients set up their new hotel property. Holding our client's hands and guiding them in all of their business activities is the approach we pursue.

Advantages of Vivo hotel brand tie-up

  1. We believe in warm, strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients. It's all about the quality and not the number of clients.
  2. Relationship with us will profit you with Vivo brand benefits & credibility. Our clients get support for all their technical needs whether it is planning a space or outlining utility services.
  3. We are managing and owing to various hotels since January 2015. Currently, we own and operate 10 hotels. Our strong network will help our clients in all aspects of their growth in the hotel business.
  4. Our comprehensive website will continuously promote all our partner hotels 24X7.